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G is for Gago.



I am fond of weird people and I like sweet foods. I am a lazy OC and a frustrated artist. I hate roaches and I don't like being left, in which ever situation.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011 { 11:15:00 AM }

It was in December when I last had my blog entry, and now it is nearly a year when I get to post a new one.

I miss writing. I miss writing about random stuffs, talking about my hobbies like a normal teenager nowadays used to. But in a couple of days I'll be turning TWENTY. OH. I think 20 is mature already but now I think not.

I'm still childish. I'm still shy. I'm still afraid of the dark. I'm still a crybaby. A stubborn. Naughty and silly. And I don't want to grow old. Yet.

I've been in my 3rd year now studying architecture but I'm still not sure if this is what I see myself in the future. Sure, I pursue to study this but now I tend to hold back whenever I think of myself as an architect. I think I'm just scared because being an architect is a tough job. You think of many things! I wish I could have just pursued fine arts. but I'm not really confident of my talent there. In fine arts, I think you should be extra talented to live a fortune. I wanted to be rich so I took up a more practical course. Or maybe, peoples' advices just got me to think otherwise. I wanted to draw, that's for sure.

I look up to Keri Smith, Manix Abrera, Marcushiro and Bru, and to all of those who draw well and made their guts to priceless masterpieces. I want to be like them.

Maybe being twenty is being able to know what you want or to think more mature. Being childish in your actions doesn't mean you're still immature, does it?

I like being a kid. It's fun, carefree and enlightening. It's joyful, no pressure. I hope life would always have no pressure. But that's lame, there'll be no challenge.

I wish I could spend my life on right things. I want to give my family a good future. I see myself being successful, striving for excellence. But when I think of reality, I get scared. I hope courage will come along when you get twenty.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010 { 11:06:00 PM }


It's been a very long time since my last post. I miss blogging!

If you still remember Mismacho♥ then you'll find me.

I really hope the expected computer we should be having right now will arrive, so I could blog like the old days. Anyway I don't know if I could still find the time to blog with architecture eating all my time. Ha. Ha. Though I enjoy the study, I miss fooling around and being a writer.

That's just for the mean time, I'll tell more soon!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010 { 4:17:00 AM }

Summer break is fast approaching. It'll take place on the third week of March but I feel that school is getting tougher this time. Big time.

I've been up til morning most of this days because of the drawing plates lined up. Time management is really something I can't handle. Yes, I always arrange a plan for the things I really need to do first but eventually I will not use it and continue to do nothing. Laziness is one reason but mental block is one I'm afraid of. There are times when I spend the whole day thinking about what to draw or what to design. I'm stuck up thinking and I really hate that because I end up doing nothing, I end up wasting my time. That happen most of the time. I prepare my drawing materials, all the papers and books I need, sit before my table and then I will produce not even an idea because I'm stuck. Stuck.
Well, I really think hard. Maybe that's the bad point, I take seriously the stuffs I'm thinking. Though what I should do is to just let them flow out, choose those that are like and make it better after wards. Hush. My brain sucks.

We've already started acrylic painting a couple of weeks ago. It's fun and it's easier than watercolor but that doesn't mean that it is easy though. Anyhow, I like it better and I like how the paint mess my hands after. :D

This is my first output. My professor did half of it though I repaint it over because I think he just messed it up. Hah.

This is an exhibit of the fine art students' entries for the PLDT annual poster-making contest. The theme is Cory Aquino and her Legacy. We got the second place again! It's really great though last year our university got both the first and second place.

Me and my college friends plan to attend an architectural workshop of The Brown Bauhaus at Morayta, Manila. It will be held this summer. They offer many workshops that I think will greatly help architecture students.
The workshops we are interested in is about design, perspective, rendering and Philippine architecture plus sketching. And they offer it for a good cost! I think it's a good deal for something like that.
Papa already gave his approval this morning and I'm just really excited about it. :D there were only two of us whom is sure of attending it but I hope the whole tropa could join.

Time is really fast because on friday, march 12, is our 3rd anniversary. :D it feels good. I feel whoa. ♥


Friday, January 29, 2010 { 12:31:00 AM }

There. That's my first work using pastel on my ARVT class. Of course, that is not the first time I use pastels but it's the first that I produce such output. I think it's not bad for a first timer. But I want to practice my skills on painting. We just finished on watercolor, I hope I get better on it. :D

There. I'm at Kesiah's condo right now. She prepared some pasta for us (me, ruthe and majie). Yummy!

Here. Tuna Spaghetti. It's really great! Anyway, I'm about to go. Mj and I will be seeing at MOA. Majie and the others might just follow. They will still wait for Tj and Nelson.

Currently addicted to: Keri Smith, Lomo, Candies, Pictures, MJ

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